John Vincent is organising a number of introductory meetings aimed in particular at those who may want to lead groups using the Journey materials, but open to all those interested.

A good first step is to order the resources for the course including the book and other material. Further material will we hope come from those who use the course and we hope to distribute some of this through the web site. In particular we hope you will suggest useful links, particularly for the experiences integral to the journey approach.

Although many of the activities suggested in the book and resource pack are group activities, the material will also be useful to those making their journey individually.

You can start by just starting, but the journey is about growth and hopefully you will find others to continue your journey with. You can have your email address (or other details) listed on the links page if you want others interested to be able to contact you.




Further resources for the Journey continue to be produced.

How can we try to get together a plan for a series of experiences that might open up discipleship to Jesus as an exciting, worthwhile option for people?


How can we break out of our church-centred jargon and ethos and domestic concerns to clarify for ourselves and others what a basic response to Jesus would look like?


just two of the questions we asked ourselves in groups up and down the county in preparing this course.