Journey Resource Links

These are links that may be useful as resources to those using the Journey material. Please send in any links you find useful and also contact details for any Journey groups you want to publicise to . For any other enquiries please use the address on the 'find out more' page.

Communities and organisations

The Ashram Community
The Ashram community is a scattered community with branches around the UK. Members and associates meet in local groups and national meetings, and the community has organised various projects. The site also has information about some Ashram and other projects.

Burngreave Ashram House
A residential house which is a part of the Ashram community. Offers various opportunites.

Online material

We also hope to make new resource materials available from this page - please send any suitable materials to us.


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Group notice board

This area will carry contact e-mail addresses of any Journey groups which are known to us so you can contact a group in your area.



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