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Journey - Explorations into Discipleship

A book written by John Vincent presenting the ideas behind the course, its structure and giving suggestions for activities. It includes much of the material developed by Ashram Community Groups and others for the course. This is published in August 2001 and is available by post - see 'find out more'.

The Journey - Group Leader's Guide

This is a short document with practical suggestions, stage by stage. The Journey is not a prescriptive course and many groups will diverge from these guidelines.

The Journey Diary

The basics if the Journey, with space to be used as a personal log book by those using the material o the Journey.

Journey - Resource Pack

Further material from Ashram Groups and other sources which for various reasons could not be included in the book. Published in 2004.

Community Worship 2000

Edited by John Vincent, Ashram Press, 1999 this contains contemporary liturgies, eucharists, committments as developed in and used by the Ashram community and similar groups.

John Vincent - Greenbelt 2002 session

John Vincent was invited to the Greenbelt festival at Cheltenham in August 2002, and spoke to a group of over 100 people about 'Journey'. Lively questions evoked lively answers. The hour long session was recorded and makes an ideal introductory session - or for a meeting to hear what the course is about.

Available on tape or CD.

Journey Website

The website will:

and anything else we find useful!


How can we try to get together a plan for a series of experiences that might open up discipleship to Jesus as an exciting, worthwhile option for people?


How can we break out of our church-centred jargon and ethos and domestic concerns to clarify for ourselves and others what a basic response to Jesus would look like?


just two of the questions we asked ourselves in groups up and down the county in preparing this course.