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Journey is for those who want a way into Christianity based on the life and ministry of Jesus in the Gospels, and upon discipleship to the Kingdom of God. It is not really a course, more a route of discovery.

This radical programme is designed to provide an alternative to some more traditional courses and is written for groups or individuals who want to explore the issues fully.


explore some important things:

what's worth believing,

who's worth being with,

what's worth doing?

and more...



Resource Book

In July 2003, the resource book was finally published with pieces written by many group leaders as well as standalone pieces including Debbie Herring's 'Which Jesus', Eurig Scandrett's study guides on 'Broken Relationships' and 'Stress at Work', Donna Worthington's plays 'Call and Wilderness', 'The Wronged Woman' and 'Jesus Provokes Crucifixion', Graham Hawley's 'Priorites of Jesus' and Beryl Metcalf's 'Discipleship as Downsizing'. It also includes a page on the course from Movement Magazine

Revised Edition: Journey

Pagination and contents remain the same so that existing users are not obliged to buy the new version, although it has some corrections, updated references and a better single page 'Stages of the Journey'.

Your Experiences

Journey has been used in a wide variety of contexts with all sorts of groups of people. Please send in the Report sheet with your experiences.

Further Publications

We are considering a simplified, more graphic, popular version of Journey.

Radical Jesus

A reprint is now available - see order form.

Journey Days and Events

John Vincent has been to Journey days and events with one or more local groups in various places. Please write if your group or fellow groups would like such a day or weekend in 2005.

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