Journey is described in some detail in the book, and there are examples, suggestions and other material. The Journey is a series of twelve stages, from the first, Getting Together to the last, Going on Further.

Each stage of the journey contains four elements:

Thus in each stage you relate the gospel stories to your own life and possibilities, look to the examples of others and sum up what you have found in terms of a memorable image. The material provided is a framework that can be summed up in the table below. Groups may be expected to take very different times over the different stages depending on their interests and prior experience.

Stages of the Journey

  Stage Jesus's Journey Our Journey

Visit or Group

1 Getting together A long story What's on offer Arrange a meal together Picnic
2 Getting started Incarnation Where we are Have an Orientation Day Map Making
3 Getting Focussed Jesus as Leader Why Jesus?
Which Jesus?
Consult a Gospel Enthusiast Treasure Houses
4 Listening and Looking Call and wilderness What to go for Call on a Disciple Fisherman's tale
5 Finding Allies Getting a team together Who to be with Visit a Disciple group Hidden treasure
6 Healing Brokenness Jesus's Ministry How to be with Consult a Servant Minister Crowded City
7 Answering Questions Jesus and Questions What to think Stay in the Group Raft on Rapids
8 Proclaiming Possibilities Jesus's Project: the Kingdom Country How to act Join in a Project River Monster
9 Challenging Enemies Jesus dealing with Opposition How to prophesy Join in a 'God's Country' campaign Village
10 Finding Places Jesus's Community Where to be Go on a Community Weekend Campfire
11 Keeping it Together Spirituality How to be Go on a Retreat Hermit's Cell
12 Going on Further Jesus's Future What to Expect Do a Journey Send-Off Lighthouse

Further resources for the Journey continue to be produced.