Journey is a series or experiences and explorations which anyone can make use of.

You can find out more about Journey from the book of the same name.

You can also attend Journey workshops, or make your own Journey. Other printed material will be available, including some brief guidance for leaders of Journey groups and a resource pack.

We hope that all those who make their Journey will share their experience with others, perhaps by contributing to the resource pack, or later through this web site.

Journey is not a cut and dried 'course', with all the 'answers' written down before you start. It provides questions and resources, suggests experiences and provides a project for you to join in and contribute to. It has been designed to be adapted for use at all levels for all kinds of people, a framework which you can build on.

For some the Journey will be a relatively short series of meetings, perhaps a dozen or a few more, but others may want to go more deeply into some aspects. This Journey should be only a start to your journey.

journey by internet?


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Can we create some ways of getting people alongside us which will go through some basic issues and rediscover what an authentic Christ-centred lifestyle would be?

Can we walk alongside friends, as Jesus walked alongside his friends, and make some discoveries about some important things - like what's worth believing, who's worth being with, what's worth doing?

two of the questions we asked ourselves in groups up and down the county in preparing this course.